Michele Imburgia - Client and Friend

Geyden is wonderful!
She doesn't have clients; she has friends. She creates such a connection with people that you want to work with her; you trust her. She is knowledgeable in many areas; if you are at a loss, you can ask Geyden, and she will have an answer. She knows people of many sizes and fields, and if Geyden introduces you, the relationship starts quickly. To know Geyden is to be a step above the rest.

Nadine & Gary Ward

Geyden, In my line of business, I’ve always viewed brokers as not much more than a used-car-salesman (and, trust me, I’ve had plenty of years of experience with them to be able to say that!); however, you have been the EXCEPTION TO THE RULE! We were absolutely thrilled to have found you – and beyond that, anyone who can put up with Debra is a SAINT in my book!!! You certainly work hard for your clients, and it shows!

Wendy Millsap - Queen Bee & Creative Director

Geyden was very helpful in helping me find the perfect location for Lakewood Candle Company. She listened to my needs and presented properties that aligned with our needs. Throughout the entire process, I was confident Geyden was looking out for my business. She is very knowledgeable about a commercial lease's various terms and requirements. Not only did she look out for me and negotiate the best deal, she also educated me along the way. Working with Geyden made the process of securing my first commercial lease space a breeze!

Vicky Humphrey _ Property Owner

Geyden and I entered into a contract in Aug. '06 for her to represent me as a real estate agent for the sale of 50 acres of land in Collin Co. in Tx. The property had been on the market for 3 yrs. with two agents with no results. A contract to sell was signed in Dec. '06, and the deal closed Mar. '07.

Geyden was a delight to work with as she kept me informed throughout the process, performed professionally, and with knowledge both with the agent representing the buyer and me. There were several deadlines and negotiations, which she handled expertly.

When it comes time to sell the remainder of the property, she is the one I will turn to for assistance.

Virginia Watson _ Owner & Manager

Geyden Sage is a must! She took what every other realtor said was impossible and not only made it possible but delivered it with style and was incredible throughout the entire process. Geyden is attentive, helpful, and as hands-on as you need her to be. Her commitment and love for her community shines bright in the conduct of her business and amazing relationships she's cultivated. Highly recommend is an understatement.

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